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Go-Ray & Duke


Multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and composer Go-Ray  (aka Rachel Golub) was initiated into the ambience of Hindustani raag in the melody-rich haze of the Thar desert.


Master producer, composer and percussionist David "Duke Mushroom" Schommer’s musical path weaves from Chicago, across the majestic purple steppes of Ethiopia and back to NYC.


Their creative paths converge at Duke’s Harlem studio, amidst an incredible community of musicians and artists. When the two first met to collaborate on music for film, a musical journey began.


Each draws inspiration from the other’s influences and musical skills. A shared quest for spirituality in the everyday became...Devotional Dub. The Yoga Sessions: Go-Ray & Duke is the first fruit of this musical convergence. This record is an 11-part paean to love - mad, stupefying love - the deep love that we try to harness and contain within the mysteries of religious practice.


Each track brings deep grooves to the devotional vibe of classicism.


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