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Black Swan Sounds' free-spirited approach discards preconceived notions about genres and commercial viability. With our artists, partners, colleagues and friends, we share and promote the values of community, positivity and devotion to one’s passion. This may be expressed by the pluck of a string, a slap on a drum, a scratch on a turntable — and the most intimate and powerful of all instruments, the sound of the human voice — by creating music, events and other art forms with the intention to uplift, inspire and spread peace. 


Black Swan Sounds is located in Boulder, Colorado.

Parmita Pushman (Deva Parmita) founded Black Swan Sounds with her partner Peter (Omkar) Hill in 2011 as the sister label to White Swan Records.


Joel Davis, Black Swan Sounds’ Minister of Music served as White Swan Records' label manager from 2001-2013, shepherding the release of over 100 projects from dozens of artists. Before arriving at White Swan, Joel spent nearly eight years at Sounds True, where he worked as Head Conference Recording Engineer before assuming the role of Minister of Music and overseeing the establishment and development of Sounds True’s newly formed sacred world music label. He produced nearly 20 releases for Sounds True, including three volumes of live recordings from the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music.


Since 1990, Joel has been a DJ at KGNU Community Radio in Boulder, where he has hosted an eclectic mix of music programs, including the acclaimed TerraSonic, a global freeform mix show created in 2002 and still airing weekly. Joel served on the Board of Directors at KGNU from 1994-1999 and currently teaches the Radio Training Class there.


When he is not immersed in music, Joel composes and conducts customized wedding ceremonies, keeps bees and tends goal several times a week at various ice rinks in Boulder County. image w on b.png
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