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Zikr Project


Ziqr Project brings together acclaimed veteran global music producer and composer JEF STOTT and master musician and composer MAH ZE TAR in collaboration on a fusion of modern cinematic ambient music with the mystical traditions of the Near East. 


Working with rich musical traditions on a wide array of instruments from Iran, Turkey and North Africa, played live by both members of the group, the ZIKR PROJECT presents a deep musical journey within each track, evoking the spinning of dervishes, Rumi’s reveries and ancient sacred traditions. This is medicine music for modern mystics. 


The mystical ney flute of the Sufi tradition, trance rhythms of ancient ceremony, ambient vocal echoes of distant lands, and the iconic melodies of the oud, rebab and saz come together in harmony with masterful and deep sonic landscapes. The music presented guides us to go deep into meditative space while inviting the somatic body to move along in sacred synchronized movement.


Ishq the first single from ZIKR PROJECT has been explored and expanded through alternative ambient and ecstatic dance remixes covering the wide range of this profound and beautiful mystical music.

Zikr Project- Dünya


Dünya, the second release from Jef Stott and Mah Ze Tar of the Zikr Project is a deep sonic invocation of all that is sacred within the Earthly realms. Medicine music for the modern mystic.


The cry of the ney flute and plaintive vocals from Mah Ze Tar are supported by deep ceremonial frame drum rhythms and lush soundscapes to create the perfect sound track for medicine journeys that honor the Earth. The term Dünya ( دُنْيا ) which is used throughout the Islamic world in several languages refers to the temporal world and its earthly concerns and possessions.


The Zikr project releases this collection of related music with the hope of bringing the healing power of the Earth into our homes and our spirits.