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Masood Ali Khan


A musician of eclectic talents on didgeridoo, hand drums, guitar and the rare and magical hangMasood Ali Khan composes and performs his music with the higher intention of serving and healing humanity.


Through his gifted command of melody and his mastery of his enchanting percussive instrument, the hang (pronounced “hung”), Masood's compositions inspire as captivating instrumental stories.


The hang looks like a flying saucer, and indeed its sounds are otherworldly (intergalactic, perhaps). With its ethereal resonating overtones and a harmonic minor scale it is an instrument of relaxation, joy and hope.


Combining the power of the heart and mind’s healing potential for humanity, and with his heart in a pure plac of bhakti (devotion), Masood’s hang becomes a medium, expressing positive intentions through the sound vibrations emanating from it. The result is a sensation of love, creativity, passion and compassion brought to life and transferred from player to listener via the music.


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