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Liquid Bloom


 Liquid Bloom is visionary music project providing soundtracks for intentional expeditions of inner growth. Spearheaded by Amani Friend of Desert Dwellers, Liquid Bloom’s deep meditative styling is a vessel for clear and awakened vision
 he music of Liquid Bloom transports the listener to imaginative realms inspired by the resonance of the world’s ancient lineages. Founded & spearheaded by Amani Friend of Desert Dwellers in 2001,  this collaborative project includes luminaries such as Porangui, Shamans Dream, Ixchel Prisma, Deya Dova, Rara Avis, and many other international musicians. Together they provide a soundtrack for intentional expeditions, blending ceremonial instrumentation with natural atmospheres and field recordings, sublime vocals and medicine songs, and layered sound design. Liquid Bloom’s deep meditative styling is a vessel for clear and awakened vision. Whether paired with ecstatic dance, meditation, yoga, bodywork, or artistic creation, Liquid Bloom grants the listener a spacious sonic experience in our quest for inspiration and creative insight, its applications are limited only by the imagination.  This tapestry of sound will emerge as a whisper in one moment and a breath of healing flames in the next.

During theta and delta brainwave states, the mind’s activity is slowed, thereby unfolding a heightened state of awareness and unified perception. We become sensitive, receptive, intuitive, present and centered in our heart’s intelligence. Being in trance is like being awake in a dream. We invite you to relax in a gentle space where you will not be interrupted, and open yourself to these musical soundscapes … allowing them to transport you through the doorway of your own heart, and into the rich and friendly realm that exists beyond time and mind. You may wish to set an intention for your journey in the form of exploration, clarification, or requests, which may include returning alert, feeling refreshed and grounded, or gaining insight into the depths of our human experience.


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