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Bole 2 Harlem


Rediscover the revolutionary world/urban record that is ranked #10 on Songlines list of Top 75 Best World Music Albums Ever.


"Bole is the entry/exit point for Ethiopia, and Harlem is the entry/exit place for African music in America," explains producer David "Duke Mushroom" Schommer. "This record is the concept of ashagre: building a bridge between those worlds, creating a space where they can both exist without musically or culturally diluting either one. Bole 2 Harlem Volume 1 is a party, a celebration, a gift back to Ethiopia. The world can flow as One. Music is the frontier to pave the way."


Originally released in 2006, Bole 2 Harlem Volume 1 was immediately hailed as a global/urban music classic. Black Swan Sounds is proud to reintroduce this exciting and essential album that still sounds as fresh as ever - and continues to attract new listeners.


Produced by the creative wizard behind EarthRise SoundSystem and Go-Ray & Duke and founder of Black Swan partner label Yoga Organix, Bole 2 Harlem is more for your yoga party than your yoga practice. A favorite of yogini Shiva Rea, these irresistible sounds will get you off your mat and into the groove in no time.


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