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Lulacruza [PRESS]


Orcas Remixed Vol. 2

Orcas Remixed Vol. 1

"Uno Resuena (Nicola Cruz Remix)"





In 2015, after 10 years of recording and touring through over 50 cities in five different countries, electronic folk duo Lulacruza released Orcas, their critically-acclaimed fifth studio album, and most intimate work to date. To make the recording, Lulacruza traveled from their native South America to Orcas Island in the Pacific Northwest, crafting a both delicate and powerful album, which has garnered critical acclaim from Gilles Peterson to the Huffington Post, who wrote, “As musical alchemists, [Alexandra] Ortiz and [Luis] Maurette have achieved a harmonious balance between organic and inorganic sounds, creating a truly shamanic sonic journey.”


January 15th, 2016 will mark the release of the first volume of Orcas Remixed, for which Lulacruza invited a select group of internationally renowned electronic music producers from across the globe to remix and rework their pristine, hyper-acoustic songs. The remixes will be released in five volumes of four remixes each through a “pay-what-you-want” download model, matching up producers from a wide range of genres and collectives, including digital cumbia from Argentina, New Mexican desert techno, transformational jungle kirtan and more. The series kicks off December 11th, 2015, with a single from Ecuadorian “Andes Step” creator Nicola Cruz, whose mix of ceremonial sounds and European production is receiving rave reviews around the world from Vice to The Guardian.


Orcas Remixed Vol. 1 includes remixes by Nicola Cruz (whose mix of ceremonial sounds and European production is receiving rave reviews around the world from Vice to The Guardian), El Buho, SaQi, and Sleepers Work.


Orcas Remixed Vol. 2, out on February 12th, features remixes by Chancha Via Circuito, David Last, King Coya and Mi.


Orcas Remixed Vol. 3, releasing on March 11th, contains mixes by Desert Dwellers, San Ignacio, Brian Mayhall and El Remolon.


Future volumes feature remixes by Paul Feathericci, San Ignacio, Montoya and EVHA, as well as Black Swan Sounds family members Desert Dwellers, Duke Mushroom and Srikalogy.


Lulacruza is releasing Orcas Remixed in collaboration with Colorado-based label, Black Swan Sounds. Since 2011, BSS has pursued a new vision for global music and has been a leader in the yoga and devotional electronic music scene, a unique match for Lulacruza’s deep roots of electronic folklore and ancestrally rooted music. Says Black Swan Minister of Music Joel Davis, “As a listener, I’ve been a fan of Alejandra and Luis’ music for several years, and as someone working in the record industry, I’ve admired their out-of-the-box, DIY approach. Given Black Swan’s aim to create a new paradigm for the 21st century record label, teaming up with Lulacruza on the Orcas Remixed project feels like a natural fit.”


Lulacruza and Black Swan Sounds will each release Orcas Remixed via their respective websites and Bandcamp stores, with Black Swan also handling widespread digital distribution through iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and other digital services.


More about Lulacruza:


Lulacruza is an electronic folk duo operating at the junction of the modern and the ancient, blending shamanic and ritualistic influences with folk and electronic music. Lulacruza consists of Alejandra Ortiz from Colombia and Luis Maurette of Argentina.


The two met in 2005 at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, where they bonded over a deep connection with ritual music. They soon formed Lulacruza, with Ortiz serving as songbird and playing native instruments from a wide spectrum of cultures, while Maurette complements with electronic processing and sequencing, as well as percussion and charango. For their live show, they recently incorporated Pablo Paz (Argentina) on bass, electronics and percussion.


Lulacruza has performed in over 50 cities in five countries and are rooted in the transformational and electronic music festival scene in the United States, playing at Lightning in a Bottle, Beloved, Decibel and Chicago World Music Festival. They’ve shared the stage with top musicians such as Thievery Corporation, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Beats Antique, Juana Molina, and Dakha Brakha, to name a few. In 2007, they were chosen as “Today’s Top Tune” on Jason Bentley’s Morning Becomes Eclectic on KCRW in Los Angeles.


They have released six albums: Do Pretty! (2006), Soloina (2008), an EP of remixes called Canta (2009), Circular Tejido (2011) and in 2015, Esperando el Tsunami - Visual Album and Orcas.


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