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Conscious Hip-Hop and Organic Electronica from Black Swan


Undulating rhythms, positive lyrics and high vibrations drive this flowing mix of beats, dub and devotion.


This first-ever Black Swan Sounds compilation — and, in fact, the label itself — was inspired in 2011 by a message coming in loud and clear from the yoga community: “give us something to dance to!” For many, yoga is not just a practice, but a lifestyle to be expressed on the mat as well as through our daily lives, interactions and the choices we make. It’s about building a sustainable future. As we all know, there’s no future without music. 


This foray into “yogabeat” -- a term to reflect the yoga community’s open-minded, adventurous taste in music -- are driven by a desire to answer that call for funkier, upbeat, soulful, danceable sounds. Without losing the sense of devotion that’s the common thread through all of our releases, we hope to amplify, through the universal language of rhythm, the love for uplifting, positive music shared by yogis and non-yogi’s alike. 


On YogaBeat, you will hear: 

• Om-reggae and roots-inflected Indo-beats laid down by the yoga world’s favorite turntablist, the inimitable DJ Drez

• The Krishna-inspired hip-hop sounds of a new generation as delivered through the visionary production and vocal prowess of Brooklyn’s Srikala

• The long-awaited return of south Asian b-boys Dum Dum Project, and exciting new sounds from the original yoga hip hop mastermind, MC Yogi

• New bass wizards and crossover rebels Desert Dwellers and Adham Shaikh

• Addis Ababa going uptown with Bole 2 Harlem

Sharon Gannon’s mantric eclecticism respun by EarthRise SoundSystem (also heard in Savasonic bliss in a sublime Desert Dwellers remix). 

• Kirtan Americana troubadour David Newman (aka Durga Das) in dub, and Avasa & Matty Love’s lilting reggae sunshine,

• Bass-heavy and gracious words of wisdom from Germany’s Lazy Hammock


At Black Swan, we’re interested in not just crossing borders; we aim to eliminate them. This is not new age music. These are Beats With Devotion.

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